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Executive Board Meeting
Sep 25, 2018
Retiree Chapter Meeting
Sep 26, 2018
CWA Local 7777 2840 S Vallejo St Englewood CO 80110 Main Hall
General Membership Meeting
Oct 09, 2018
CWA Local 7777 2840 S Vallejo St Engleowood CO 80110
Officer Meeting
Oct 09, 2018
Public Sector Meeting (DPS Members)
Oct 13, 2018
CWA Local 7777 2840 S Vallejo St Main Hall
Organizing Committee

"Bring workers together to collectively act on their own behalf"


More than 700,000 men and women in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico belong to our union – CWA – the Communications Workers of America.

We chose CWA because we wanted dignity, respect, and a real voice in our jobs, workplace, and company. Our union has a proven record of achievement for men and women working at small companies and in large corporations, and in state, county, and local government.

CWA has broken new ground in negotiating strong contracts, spelling out not only our wages, benefits, and working conditions, but also addressing issues that we face today: employment security, health care, the outsourcing and deskilling of our work, stress, training, and many more.

The key to CWA’s history of success on behalf of its members and working people is that our union is rooted where we live and work – in some 10,000 communities all across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

CWA is one of the fastest growing unions in the country and Local 7777 is helping  to head the way in strategically helping workers with no union to join with us.  When we help others raise their standard of living, we add strength to all bargaining efforts and we add more influence in our communities.  CWA's organizing strategy rests on educated and experienced Local Organizers and strong Volunteer Organizing Committees, supported by Staff and resources from the International Union.

Apr 15, 2011
We deserve to be respected and treated well where we work. Every employer, from the smallest company to the largest corporation, and in state, local and county government, should treat us with dignity and respect, providing good pay, benefits and working conditions.
Apr 15, 2011
What is a union? A union is simply a group of workers who organized together for representation and collective bargaining rights. A union is not, as employers and some others falsely suggest some “outside” organization that comes into your workplace to get between you and your employer. The truth is, you and your co-workers are the union. You formed it.
Apr 15, 2011

Mar 07, 2011
Do you know anyone who works for T-Mobile ? Do your part and let us know! T-Mobile is a subsidiary of the German telecom company Deutsche Telekom. Almost 100% of these workers in Germany are represented by the union ver.di, one of the largest unions in the world.  CWA and ver.di have joined together to help the T-Mobile workers in America who want to organize.
Mar 07, 2011
Download: Collective_Barg_Frm.pdf

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All Green Taxi Cooperative members are PUC regulated owner/drivers and CWA Local 7777 members.  Your fares stay in Colorado and provide a living wage for working families.  Thank you for using Green Taxi.

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