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    Updated On: May 23, 2012

    At the October 14, 1980, General Membership Meeting, the membership authorized the creation of a retirement and death benefit plan for the Local's members, effective January 1, 1981.  The Plan is funded solely from the Local's general funds.  These general funds are, in turn, derived from membership dues. The Plan is administered by a board of seven persons, five are elected by the Local's membership and two are automatic members.  The automatic members are the Local's Secretary-Treasurer and the President of the Denver Area Communications Workers of America Retiree's Club.  The Board is formally known as the Administrative Committee.  The Local's Secretary-Treasurer is the Plan Administrator and Chair of the Administrative Committee.  The current Secretary-Treasurer is Dale Feller and his business address is 2840 S. Vallejo, Englewood, CO, 80110; his telephone number is (303)781-8700.                                                                                                 

    All Local members, on or after January 1, 1981, may be eligible to receive benefits under the Plan.  The benefits are based upon length of membership in the Local and become payable upon retirement or death. Members will receive the benefit if they retire with a minimum of 30 years of service; or if members retire with less than 30 years of service and are under age 65, they will receive the benefit when they reach age 65.  Members (or their heirs) are entitled under the Plan to receive a lump sum payment based upon years of membership in the Local.            

     The schedule of benefits is as follows:


    Years of Membership in this Local:


    Less than 4 years


    4 but less than 10


    10 but less than 15


    15 but less than 20


    20 or more


     Membership in another CWA Local or another labor organization is not counted, only years of membership in this Local are counted in determining eligibility and amount of payment (except those years of membership prior to any voluntary resignation from this Local).  An individual must be a "member in good standing" at the time of retirement or death in order to be eligible for a lump sum benefit.  (Associate Membership is not a "member in good standing.")

     There are no vested rights to benefits under the Plan.  Participants or beneficiaries are entitled to benefits only upon satisfying the eligibility requirements described above and making application for such benefits.  All applications for benefits or payments under the Plan must be made in writing, (forms are provided for that purpose), to the Plan Administrator.

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